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Kingdom Hearts drabble request
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kh_request is for those of you talented and generous authors and artists that love to offer up drabble requests for your fellow fans. This community is designed for all of you to come together and post, so you don't have to decide which of the many other communities to post to.

How it Works
Simple! Just do what you would normally do when posting your request form. Some things you might want to include:
- Knowledge. which games/characters you aren't familiar with and aren't willing to write.

- Het/yaoi/yuri Some people are willing to write any of the three, some prefer only the het stuff, some prefer only the slash. Y'know how it goes.

- Number of requests you're willing to take.

- Trade or no trade? Sometimes it's nice to get something in return for what you do!

- Disney. Let people know if you're willing to write/draw Disney pairings or not. This seems to be a common one people toss in there.

- Rating that you're willing to go up to.

- Special requirements are always fun! Maybe you just want prompts for a certain pairing, or prompts in the form of lyrics or song titles.


- BE NICE when requesting from the authors/artists. Sometimes they may get to your drabble in ten minutes, sometimes it might take a month. You aren't giving them anything for this, so don't get cranky if your request doesn't get fulfilled.

- Along the above line, for you authors/artists, try not to overload yourselves so that a bunch of your requests go unfinished. If there are pairs or characters you know you aren't very inspired by, aren't good with or just plain don't want to write, just ask for another prompt! You have every right to do so. edit;2/17/09 If you have unfinished requests six months after your post was originally posted, however, you will receive a warning. If your post is not completed after another month, you will be banned.

- If you want to make a separate post for the requests you've completed, go right ahead. If at all possible, just try to keep them in one post as opposed to a new post for every drabble to avoid spamming peoples' f-lists.

- Get creative, have fun!


If you have any questions at all, let us know @ punjab_banks or sparkism ^^

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if you would like to affiliate with us, just let one of the maintainers know and we'll add you right away ♥